During the most critical time of the retail year a skating rink provides a competitive advantage and a reason to visit your location. The rink offers a wonderful storyline for local media. Recent clients have garnered as much as $600,000 in media coverage as a result of having a holiday rink. This media potential combined with the revenue opportunities of sponsorship, skate rentals, and ancillary sources of income, make an ice rink one of the most cost effective, successful, and memorable holiday programs available.

Skating with your kids on a sunny afternoon, a family night skating under twinkle lights as a light snow starts to fall … these are magical experiences customers will remember and that become family traditions. Downing Events works with retail management clients to develop ancillary projects and programs to help increase visibility and drive traffic to their retail locations. Outdoor skating rinks provide our clients with a competitive edge during the holiday shopping season. These experiences and images create a strong positive emotional bond to your property that will foster tremendous customer loyalty that transcends the traditional shopping experience. Our ability to supply a “turn-key” service will ensure that all components of the ice rink combine to create a complete holiday event.

Downing Events designs, develops, manages and refines each skating rink to meet our client’s specific needs and expectations. There are many factors that affect the success of an outdoor skating rink. In designing the rink that best suits the needs of ourclients we offer assistance with:

The staff we hire will ensure your rink operates smoothly and that your image is best represented to your attendees and your sponsors.

Based on your specific needs we may assist with the following: